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Lighting as an emotion, a frame of mind and reflective of a personality beyond its basic functional needs is how the Portugese lighting brand, Delightfull describes their design sentiment. As a brand that specialises in designing unique lamps, Delightfull has been successfully positioned in architectural lighting design projects and their creations find their pride of place in urban interior and commercial spaces. Delightfull excels in taking mid century lighting designs from the 40s across the 70s and reimagining them to suit contemporary tastes. They have a wide repertoire of luminaires, each displaying class and craftsmanship of excellence. Fabiia delights in presenting the Delightfull range to you!

Lighting as a revivalist art defines Delightfull’s philosophy and the talented designers curate each lighting piece with an artist’s touch. Each wall light, floor lamp, pendant and a myriad other pieces has enlighten any interior decor and what’s more enliven it! Start off with the Coltrane series, a unique design concept inspired by the legendary jazz artist John Coltrane. The lighting design re-imagines the saxophone metal tube and fashions it into a lighting piece. Steel poles act as columns of light accentuated with brass interiors that emit a soft soothing glow. The Coltrane series includes table lamp, floor and wall lamps and pendant light as well. You can take your pick in matt or glossy finishes. Jazz music as an exalted art finds expression in the celebrated Botti chandelier light, a beautiful symphony of music, light and design ingeniously coming together to create this stunning suspension in gold tones. A simpler floor lamp version is also available. The Diana series sports a mid century modern lighting design with its sleek steel frames, lacquered lamp shade and a matt interior. Choose from the floor and table lamp versions.

The craftsmanship of Delightfull lighting pieces is painstakingly detailed and shows a commitment and dedication towards handmade craftsmanship and respect for the artisans. This art finds its epitome of expression in the Atomic light collection. Taking cues from the molecular structure of the atom and reinterpreting it in a modern design, round aluminium shades in glossy black are welded together with gold plated brass in an abstract form, the globules of light creating beautiful halos. It reflects the beauty in chaos and can elevate the ambience of contemporary interiors. The series has a pendant, a wall light and a table lamp in offer. The Hanna chandelier light features an assortment of handmade lacquered brass shades strung together to create a mid century modern design with a vintage feel. You can achieve the same impact of this pendant with its toned down floor lamp version. Choices are galore and each luminaire of Delightfull outshines the other!

Deightfull as a brand revels in the spirit of the mid century design and their unique reimaging of the designs to suit the contemporary urban spaces has been their hallmark. Fabiia has a diverse array of their products that will ‘delightfully’ brighten your interiors!

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