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Daro Lighting

What began as a family venture of producing lampshades way back in 1948 has grown into Daro , the Danish lighting design company, a brand that has become a force to reckon with in the field of designer luminaires. Daro excels in creating and producing original and contemporary lighting solutions for interior decor and their lighting design concept has drawn accolades from design aficionados all over. Specializing in designer lamps, Daro’s products have a strong traditional ethos which seamlessly blends into contemporary trends. The brand’s vision has been to bring happiness and joy through creating luminaires that can light up homes and commercial spaces with their very presence. Daro’s main focus is to present lighting that’s high on quality and timeless in style. This philosophy has powered them on to design various prestigious projects with their lighting solutions. A select array of their pendant lights, ceiling lights and floor lights among others can be found at Fabiia.

Daro is a brand that’s modern and stylish with a distinct Danish touch. Their lighting design philosophy stresses on concepts that is contemporary and in sync with the times. Each Daro original seeks to blaze new trails in the design scene and also has the capacity to be called a timeless classic. Fabiia‘s select range of Daro lighting can accentuate interior spaces and transform the decor with their charisma. An iconic example is the Bell P1 Pendant light. Throwing archaic design concepts of the traditional fixed lamp model, this pendant light breaks barriers with an inclinable suspension feature. This gives it the flexibility to direct the flow of light according to requirements. Sporting an aluminium shade with an oak wood suspension bar, this also features open accents at the top. It’s a great idea to use the Bell P1 Pendant light in pairs or threes as task lighting over dining areas or kitchen bars.

As a lighting design brand with a futuristic vision, Daro strives to lay emphasis on functionality and quality without compromising on the aesthetics. The Trion P1 Pendant light is a symphony in finest quality aluminium. The decorative element of this pendant light can give character to a muted decor. This fixture can be used both as a directional or a creative lighting solution, the choice is individual. Featuring a traditional French horn look with modern accents and available in three solid colours, this pendant inspires with its smooth sweeping lines.

A remarkable feature of Daro creations is their striking impact that goes beyond utilitarian light fixtures. The Paso Tri Metal base floor lamp, a contemporary sleek fixture with its tri pod stand can bring the magical ambience of a studio to your interiors. Inspired by the delicate clover leaf, this floor lamp has a cylindrical textile lamp shade that provides soft diffused light. It also comes in a suspended pendant light version. All together a classic design reinvented with modern sensibilities.

Fabiia ensures that their product range lives up to the highest expectations and lighting solutions from Daro fulfils the criterion beautifully!

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