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Dante, the furniture design company from Germany straddles across a variety of creative spaces in their quest to connect through their design sensibilities. Dante –Goods and Bads, as they call themselves, in a smart take on the Western cult classic The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, was founded in 2012 by artist Aylin Langreuter and industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine. Despite being the fairly new kids on the design block, the brand has etched out a bold, contemporary and edgy design template for itself. They envision a symbiotic relation across dimensions and believe that their creative endeavours are a collective output of emotions, habits, memories, tastes and aversions. The design brand symbolises all that goes beyond tangible and substantial and touches areas that appeal to the emotions. An eclectic selection of Dante’s furniture, including table, chair and others, ones that define the design brand, is available with Fabiia. Have a look!

Dante’s eternal search for new beginnings inspires them to add that touch of novelty to functional furniture. Their ethos stems from the comfort of familiarity and attachment to everyday things and their design acumen blends this familiarity with a newness that sparkles through. For them furniture is also about relating to an emotion, a humane quality that breathes life into the inanimate. A chair or a table from the design brand will therefore be more than a functional piece of furniture. It will have the ability to communicate. Fabiia’s selection of Dante’s furniture will tell you what it implies. Take a look at the Come As You Are Trolley table. It’s as bold and classy as the name suggests. This trolley table displays a no frills look, stripped down to its basics and represents the classic service trolley. A minimalistic steel frame holds two levels of tempered glass surfaces for increased capacity. Available in three finishes, this trolley table is definitely worth a place in your living spaces. Speaking of classy furniture, you cannot but stare in admiration at the El Santo Kilim Chair by Dante. A smart reworking of the cantilever chair, sturdy leather has been folded to give it the shape of a seat. The resultant spacious comfortable arm chair is solidly fixed on a strong powdered steel frame. Its USP is the intricately woven Kilim carpet seat interior that speaks of Turkish opulence.

As a furniture design brand, Dante incorporates modern ideas into practical designs with a flourish. This flair is evident in the Bavaresk creations. A line of furniture from Dante, this series is inspired by the Bavarian country side with its rich folklore and tradition. The Bavaresk Dining table is a marvellous piece where a round marble top daintily poises on three wide flanked beech legs, upholstered in leather. A statement piece for sure! Pair it with the Bavaresk Chair, which is a modern take on the classical Bavarian wooden chair. The smooth lines of its form and the contrast of the narrow back to the wide seat make it a distinctive piece.
Dante asks you to explore their furniture!

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