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‘Made in Barcelona’ is a tag that Carpyen wears proudly. And why not?! This contemporary lighting manufacturing company from Spain beautifully captures the vibrant essence of the colourful and evocative lifestyle of the city of Barcelona in its lighting designs. With a long and rich history, Carpyen, founded way back in 1948, creates wonderful and elegant lighting elements that are contemporary yet timeless in design. Over the years, Carpyen has made lighting solutions that stand for functionality and style, their elegant luminosity taking away nothing from their sound quality and innovation techniques. Having carved a niche in the lighting industry, Carpyen has held on to that coveted position and their lighting solutions have become reference points for the larger landscape. Fabiia is delighted to associate with Carpyen and house their creations in their collection.

Carpyen is founded on the principle of nurturing creativity, honing talent and cementing their space in the lighting segment with an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and design. For the brand, lighting goes beyond being functional requirements. They define moods and emotions and become a part of the spaces they adorn. From directional to task lighting moving on to accent and decorative elements, lighting from Carpyen fulfils all requirements in architectural lighting. A wide range of ceiling lights, pendants, suspension lights, floor and table lamps and others form the impressive Carpyen collection. The brand has undertaken diverse projects and fulfilled them with panache. Their lighting fixtures can be found across spaces, from residential and commercial to hotels, restaurants, public and sport areas. A Carpyen design is unique in its appeal.

Lighting fixtures from Carpyen have a special feel to them, a unique attraction. Their table lamps seek solutions and provide answers. Ideal for a work corner or reading space, these provide the exact amount of light exuding warmth. From the pretty Greta lampshade providing diffused light to the very professional Jerry lamp and the ethereal Alabast, each creation has a unique character. Suspension lights from Carpyen create an atmosphere and add mood layers to the ambience. Pendants such as the Aitiana and Tangerine create a lovely halo with their soft glow while the Nura, with its avant garde trapezoid form is a design marvel. Carpyen suspensions can create an ambience that complements the decor of the interiors beautifully. The brand’s floor lamps are elegant, sober, minimalist creations which add that exclusive touch of understated sophistication with their presence. The Lektor is a very flexible piece whose stand can be adjusted for height. The Lineal, on the other hand, is a sleek fixture with an ultra modern feel. Wall lamps from Carpyen are solutions where convenience and functionality merge with a dash of elan. Practical or decorative or both, one will always be impressed at their sheer usability. The Boop provides a luminous effect while the Jerry has a uber cool lighting design. Outdoor lamps from Carpyen create magic and enliven special moments with their functional and structural beauty.

Lighting solutions from Carpyen are perfect fits for contemporary interiors because they are a blend of tradition and modern design ethos.

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