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Brabbu Luxury Lighting

The moment you come across a Brabbu creation, you are drawn to it by a feeling that is at once passionate and celebratory. That is exactly what the brand of Brabbu aims to do, allure and overwhelm with an impression that is unabashedly modern and chic. Designing interiors and engaging with multiple projects through their unique art and craft since a decade, Brabbu has made its impressive mark in the field of design. Fabiia is privileged to showcase a fascinating array of creations from the house of Brabbu.

As a contemporary designing company with its footprints spread across countries, Brabbu believes in the confluence of world cultures and tries to translate the diversity and uniqueness by way of their creations. Being ‘fierce’ is their mantra and it essentially means imbibing the strength and power of the natural world and infusing it into the urban lifestyle. Fabiia’s selection of Brabbu creations reinforces this ethos. Each of Brabbu’s products is designed to appeal to the senses and create a unique experience and enhance the interiors it adorns.

The strong emphasis of design being a sensory experience is what the house of Brabbu advocates passionately. Their lighting solutions featured in Fabiia’s collection bears testimony to this vision. The floor and the wall lamps are objets de’art by themselves adding much more to a space than functional illumination. Cryus floor lamp is a gold-plated brass masterpiece that is inspired by Persian aesthetics, magnificent yet sober in appeal. It comes in a table lamp version as well.

Brabbu’s strong affinity for nature is reflected in the Crypes floor lamp, stirred by the structural appeal of the cyprus tree. The gold-plated brass shaders playfully branch out emanating delightful radiance. It can enliven any sedate corner of a living room. If you are looking to create magic in your interior spaces, do bring home the Cybo wall lamp whose perforated gold accented brass shell is designed to cast mesmerising patterns of light upon the surroundings. And who could imagine a sheet of hammered aged brass transform itself into the wondrous Vellum wall lamp, ensconcing in its curls the essence of ancient paper scrolls?! A genius design from Brabbu we certify!

A highlight, among many, of the house of Brabbu is its love for stories and translating their innate romance into products. Aruna wall lamp draws its inspiration from the Wat Arun temple of Thailand, recreating the glory of the rising sun through its dappled brass sheen. The Saki chandelier light is a tribute to the glistening bamboo shoot fields of Japan and slender glossy brass pipes encircle to create this beauty. A petite version comes as the Saki wall lamp. The headiness of this creative design sensibility is quite akin to the sweet tones of sake’ the Japanese wine!

Fabiia strives to bring together the best of contemporary design dynamics through an eclectic variety of interior products. The Brabbu collection is an excellent reflection of that sentiment. We invite you enliven your living spaces!

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