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A great passion for lighting married to exquisite Scandinavian lighting design aesthetics, drawn from Nordic traditions, culminated in the creation of Belid. A lighting manufacturing company from Sweden, it was founded way back in 1969 and has since carried on the belief and practice of producing quality lighting marked by a blend of traditional craftsmanship and honesty in execution. A strong fervour for producing quality lighting and unbridled creativity in the field of lighting design has made Belid a name to reckon with in the field of architectural lighting. Belid has a varied assortment of lighting solutions including, pendant lights, floor lights and others that vie with each other in terms of elegant lighting design sense and impeccable quality maintenance. Fabiia prides itself in bringing you this choice selection of lighting that can beautifully adorn homes, commercial spaces, hotels, restaurant and a host of other spaces.

Belid, as a company specialising in lighting design, emphasises on providing unique lighting solutions for a wide range of spaces. Focus on high quality and cutting edge design has been their vision and this is reflected in all the products they manufacture. Fabiia’s range of Belid lighting showcases the company’s wonderful Scandinavian sensibilities woven into modern lighting design. This is evident when one looks at the Lizzie LED Pendant light, an out of the box creation in lighting design. In a marked departure from convention, this pendant light has a brightly coloured interior offset by a sedate colour on the outside. The Covetto Pendant light is a tiered beauty emanating light in concentric rings. The Valencia Pendant light imitates the tapering structure of a bunch of grapes and dispels shafts of light in a tiered design. Available in matt and polished finishes in stylish shades, these pendant lights are exotic specimens of architectural lighting, guaranteed to add a heightened sheen to interiors.

As a lighting brand, Belid is committed to show responsibility towards the environment and this translates to their ethical work culture. Belid specialises in using handcrafted metal for their products and this knowledge has only gained in quality from the experience of decades. The Valiant table lamp smartly combines a textile lampshade with a metal stand. Floor lights from the brand’s repertoire can accentuate the decor of interior spaces greatly while giving the perfect illumination. The Radiel Floor lamp simply aces the minimalist look with its sleek body and movable arm for directed light precision. Sara Single Floor light sports a malleable neck for flexible directional illumination. It also wins in the lighting design department with its beautiful amalgamation of metal and wood.

Contemporary lighting calls for a mix of smart lighting design coupled with multi-functionality. Belid’s luminaires are prime examples of this balance. Be it the functional Titan pendant light or the daintily poised Anemone Table lamp, these lighting solutions bring a touch of charm to the surroundings. Fabiia’s commitment to quality control is perfectly mirrored by Belid lighting. We invite you try out these fixtures and watch them transform your spaces with their glow!

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