Preserving Christmas traditions at Fabiia

Christmas traditions at Fabiia Vincent Sheppard 01

Wondering how to renovate or decorate this Christmas? Take a look at our fabulous collection of Vincent Sheppard products, TON and Sika design.

Your dining space should be warm and inviting and what better way to ensure that than by having an Albert rectangular dining table with Avril Llyod loom armchairs?

Preserving Christmas traditions at Fabiia by checking and selection products from our fabulous collection of Vincent Sheppard, TON and Sika Design products.Joe Dining Chair Wood Base – Natural & Dan Dining Table

811 Dining Chair Beech Wood with Cane & 811 Dining Armchair Beech Wood with Cane

The bentwood dining chairs by Ton Designs would be ideal to comfortably gather at the dining table. The exceptional design adds a classy look to the room. The Loop rope lounge chair by Vincent Sheppard is a light and easily movable chair available in a choice of colors. Perfect when guests make an impromptu visit and extra seating arrangements need to be made.  Why not have a ‘Monet moment’ while relaxing on a Monet lounge rattan chair with a matching footstool from Sika designs?

Monet Lounge Chair – Rattan & Monet Footstool


Wengler Chair – Rattan & George Teak Table

George teak table made by reclaimed teak wood from Sika design is functional, easy maintenance and is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Having a shared meal is special even if it is a part of our everyday life. That is why it is so important to choose a table that would be part of such wonderful moments and memories for the family.

There are plenty of ideas that can add an extra spark of cheer to home spaces from Fabiia collections this year. You can be sure that the durability is timeless and the designs that are on offer are versatile.

Vincent Sheppard's Lloyd loom chairs and Lloyd loom armchairs are the best choice for Chirstmas season. Combine it with Albert Dining Table.


Jack Dining Chair Steel base & Albert Rectangular Dining Table with Oak Top – A Base

Joe Counter Stool Sled Base - Black is Lloyd loom counter stool


Joe Counter Stool Sled Base – Black

It’s important to create an ambience of enjoyment, especially during the festive season. Choosing the right type of furniture can definitely make that difference. A Joe counter stool by Vincent Sheppard would fit right in with someone looking for elegance and ease.


Edgard Dining Armchair Black Steel Base & Albert Rectangular Dining Table with Oak Top – A Base


Loop Rope Lounge Chair by Vincent Sheppard & Loop Rope Side Table

The variety of fabric colors that are available for Fabiia products just makes decision making that much easier. They are suitable for any setting while ensuring comfort and aesthetics.

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