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Portofino Rope Swing Chair by Roberti Rattan

Portofino Rope Swing Chair

Of the numerous relaxation techniques available for us to destress or find ease, sitting on a swing would perhaps by far be the simplest. The Portofino Rope Swing chair is designed like an invitation to unwind. With the wind as a playmate. Suspended by a sturdy nautical rope, the swing chair is like a punctuation mark in a long sentence of life. The smooth aluminum frame swing shape ensures the perfect contour for comfort.

The swing is a suspendable traction that can be used indoors or outdoors. Attractive for children and adults alike, the swing is sure to make family and friends vie with one another for spending time on it.

Defying gravity is an invigorating experience. The feeling of being above ground, mid-air, and yet in control of the space around us is truly uplifting (pun intended). This swing not only brings out the poetry of movement and momentum, but it also enhances the décor and home ornamentation.

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