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The All-Weather Chaise Lounge

orizon chaise lounge the all weather chaise lounge

The Orizon Chaise Lounge creates a remarkable first impression. Meant to enhance contemporary outdoor living, the stunning Orizon is reminiscent of traditional garden furniture. But here’s the surprise. In a design innovation, the chaise lounge recreates the look and texture of wood in versatile aluminium. The Orizon consists of broad aluminium slats fitted over two brackets that make up its frame. A raised side armrest acts as both a functional holder and a neat design element. The high-performance aluminium, in a NaturAll finish, perfectly imitates the warm and grainy wood texture while holding on to its versatile functionality.

The Orizon also comes with comfy weatherproof cushions for added comfort. Excellent for enlivening hospitality and contract spaces, the Orizon is a must buy.

orizon chaise lounge the all weather chaise lounge
<em>orizon chaise lounge<em>
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