Of Moonlight Cafes and Rattan sheen!

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There’s this thing about the Parisian way of living. Movements, monuments, culture, landscaped gardens, sweeping boulevards and the spirit of Renaissance all come together to form a melting pot of vibrant life called Paris! And how can we forget the quaint cafes and bistros that line the pretty cobblestoned streets and avenues of the city?! Among the things that capture the spirit of Paris are the ubiquitous French bistro chairs that have become synonymous with the Parisian way of life. These French-made rattan chairs represent the quintessential style that the city has been identified with over time. One company that has been making these French-made rattan chairs since the 19th century is Maison Drucker. This acclaimed furniture brand, with a footprint straddling decades, has had its name inexorably associated with French-designed rattan chairs.

Outdoor wicker furniture has been around for a long time. Rattan chairs are made of natural cane sourced from the tropics which makes them all-weather resistant. Maison Drucker learnt of the value of rattan since their inception and lost no time in adopting this wonder material for their furniture. The French-designed wicker chairs from Maison Drucker have found their way across the world and have virtually become symbols of Parisian culture. Wicker furniture, especially rattan, has been wholesomely adopted, owing to the pliability of the material. French-designed chairs of rattan dot the hospitality environments with robust flair. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars have taken to this wonderfully flexible material with gusto.

French made and designed, Maison Drucker Paris Rattan and Bistro Chairs
Wicker chairs from Maison Drucker

The outdoor furniture segment has seen a huge upswing thanks to the growing trend of connecting to outdoor life. Cafes and restaurants often have dedicated outdoor sitting areas which inevitably draw the most crowds. French bistro chairs, with their natural rattan sheen and colourful woven seats, are an instant hit among customers. Maison Drucker has perfected the art of creating chairs of rattan, having polished their craftsmanship through dedicated research and experiments. Rattan is painstakingly crafted using bending techniques to create signature French-designed chairs. The seats and backrests are woven out of sturdy and long-lasting polymers to make chairs that proudly bear the stamp of being French made! Restaurants and cafes across the world vie for French bistro chairs from the brand! These wonderfully speckled chairs are sustainable, require minimal maintenance and are remarkable to look at! No reason why they should only be found in cafes! These French-designed chairs can easily adorn residential spaces as well. A couple of these French bistro chairs on the patio or balcony will make balmy evenings more enjoyable!

Rattan chairs are exceptionally strong, belying their sleek appearance and lightweight frame. Most of these French bistro chairs can be stacked away when not in use. Talk about versatility! Maison Drucker takes care to customise these chairs in terms of colours, design and finishes according to specific needs.

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