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A Picture in Calm!

Niwa Chair | A Picture in Calm! |

When looking for a seating option, many factors, including functionality, come into play. The Niwa chair by Fast Spa is one such versatile seating solution that fits many bills with flair! Primarily an outdoor chair, the Niwa chair by Fast Spa is equally presentable as an accent chair or complementary seating arrangement. Created with modern design sensibilities in mind, the Niwa wonderfully adapts to diverse contemporary settings. Made of aluminium, by itself a long-lasting material, the Niwa stands out with its stylized design silhouette. With a softly curved out seat and a slanted backrest, this chair impresses with its minimalist appearance.

The slight hollow between the back and the seat is a quirky design feature that aids seating comfort as well. Just perfect for outdoor gatherings!

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