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The Lamp with Rustic Charm

mood desnuda lamp the lamp with rustic charm

The bold and robust Mood Desnuda Lamp is a definite mood uplifter! A sleek airy pendant with a hint of industrial style, the Mood Desnuda elevates contemporary surroundings with its inimitable approach. Crafted with care, the pendant lamp features a circular metal frame with open proportions. Displaying a simple outline that emphasises its essential form, the Mood Desnuda embraces its openness. With a light source fitted in the middle, the pendant allows light to disperse in all directions. The pendant blends edgy design sentiment with a rustic charm that increases its appeal.

With a black painted finish, the Mood Desnuda blends effortlessly with diverse decor settings. Available in many sizes, the Mood Desnuda is apt for diverse hospitality, residential and contract projects.

mood desnuda lamp the lamp with rustic charm
mood desnuda lamp
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