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The Art of Being Carefree!

Monet Lounge Chair: The Art of Being Carefree! |

Quite like the inspiration behind its name, the Monet Lounge Chair is no less an artist’s loving endeavour! Created by Sika Design, known for their insightful use of rattan in the products, this lounge chair spells the last word in relaxation while keeping its aesthetics intact. Borrowing elements from mid-century modern design, the Monet is a charming amalgamation of the old and the modern. A high backed chair, this timeless piece can lift contemporary interiors with its calming presence. The Monet features a deep curved seat that lovingly supports the body frame thereby displaying perfect ergonomics. Intricate rattan weaves, by itself an eco-friendly and long-lasting material, give it a classy look. Coming in four shades and equipped with acrylic cushions, the Monet redefines comfort!

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