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Model 26-70 Plastic Ceiling Light: The Smart Light

model plastic ceiling light the smart light

Holding a light to smart innovation and functional form is the Model 26-70 Plastic ceiling light by LE KLINT. This elegant ceiling light application is an ode to simplicity and functional design aesthetics. LE KLINT is known for their artistic exuberance that emphasises the beauty of natural shapes and textures and the Model 26-70 redefines the sentiment. This ceiling light features a slim silhouette in a fetching floral pattern and seamlessly blends with the ceiling. The hand-pleated plastic lamp foil, yet another hallmark of the brand, emanates a soft glow of diffused light. The Model is unobtrusive yet manages to make a quiet defining statement. Perfect for modern interior areas, this ceiling light’s simple presentation belies its steadfast performance!

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