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A Study in Elegance

miuzza sofa laskasas blog post

Sofas determine the overall look of living room decor. And if it’s the Miuzza sofa, the style is warm and welcoming at once! Created by Laskasas, the Miuzza sofa’s effect is one of cosy elegance. This sofa is a compact, neat seating arrangement that is delightfully offset with its very indulgent velvet upholstery. In a reference to the Art Deco silhouette, the Miuzza sports a structured frame with the back and armrests in the same plane. The back is slightly curved to soften the angularity of the corners. With amply spaced seating and a delightfully ruffled pattern on the back, the Miuzza sofa is a picture of warm comfort and elegance.

The Miuzza can be seamlessly paired with any decor to complement the existing ambience of the living room. This sofa surely deserves your attention!

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