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Melody Armchair: Smooth Comfort

melody armchair from sika design by fabiia b1

With an original design dating back nearly five decades, the Melody Armchair brings a nostalgic whiff of the past along with it! An elegant armchair, the Melody represents the fine tradition of wicker furniture that’s both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Composed entirely of rattan, the Melody has a graceful presence that makes it perfect for diverse contemporary interiors. The armchair’s structure is made of the highest quality Indonesian rattan. A gently curved high rattan backrest in a tight weave lends it a regal bearing. The softly rounded armrests merge with the sturdy legs. Available in attractive colours of antique, cherry and taupe, the Melody is enhanced by a fitted fabric cushion as well. This armchair can gel flawlessly in hospitality, residential and contract settings.

melody armchair from sika design by fabiia
The Melody Armchair and Side Table combine elegant design with exceptional comfort, making them the perfect addition to any modern living space.
melody armchair from sika design by fabiia in indoor view
The Melody Armchairs bring timeless elegance and comfort to any indoor space with their classic design and plush seating.

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