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Matteo Bench from Vincent Sheppard

matteo dining table matteo bench white loop dining chair post

The debate on backbenchers and front benches perhaps will continue ad infinitum. In the meanwhile, we can find ourselves a comfortable Matteo bench to sit out and observe the debate that goes on in our world.

The Matteo Bench is a wooden bench designed by the Belgium furniture maker, Vincent Sheppard. Renowned and relied on their excellent craftsmanship and woodwork expertise, the wooden bench is no exception to their creative style and classy looks.


The bench comes either with a black or white powder-coated aluminium base with an untreated solid teak top. They come in four various sizes such as 195x 40; 265 x40 as well as 215 x100; 285 x100.

So, whether we consider ourselves a frontbencher or a backbencher in life, in our living spaces we can consider owning the best bench ever!

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