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A nestling nest

love nest rattan

Imagine curling up with a favourite book, sitting by the fireside on a winter night, with a fleece blanket at your knees in a cozy corner on a nesting chair. Love Nest Rattan Sofa then is exactly that kind of nesting chair of that vivid and explicit imagination.

Sometimes an object, or in this case, a piece of furniture can conjure just the right kind of ambience and emotional vibe to relax, stop the noise out and within and simply experience life in all its wondrous hues.


The Love Nest Rattan Sofa is a classic outdoor chair that can aptly be used indoors too. The soft material and cushiony supports aid in a luxuriating experience. This is not just a ‘sit-a-while’ kind of seat, but a ‘sit-for-long-take-a-deep-breath-and-let-the -mind-heart-and-body-totally-relax-and-rest’ kind of seat.

The option of placing this chair anywhere makes it desirable to have at home where change is always an essential aspect when it comes to furnishings and fittings.

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