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A Column of Bright Light

Lost Floor Lamp | A Column of Bright Light |

Infusing the romance of ancient times with the immediacy of the present, the Lost Floor spells magic! This enchanting lamp takes inspiration from old totem poles. The Lost floor lamp comprises a tall slender metallic structure shaped like a column. A fabric diffuser is snugly fitted over the frame that helps in radiating a soft incandescent glow. The highlight of the Lost floor lamp is the distribution of light that emanates evenly from its entire length. The small diameter ensures that it beautifully fits even in smaller spaces. The fabric diffuser, available in attractive shades, is removable and washable thus increasing the lamp’s versatility.

With its switch discreetly placed at the bottom, the Lost adopts a seamless profile and can adorn hospitality and contract spaces with ease.

Lost Floor Lamp | A Column of Bright Light |
Lost Floor Lamp b2

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