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Form ‘n’ Function

Lord Dining Armchair: Form ‘n’ Function |

Modern interiors need a touch of understated flair. This comes in oodles when you chance upon the Lord Dining Armchair! Creating a memorable first impression, this Very Wood product is marked for its minimalist structure, devoid of fluff. The body of Lord 22 is carved in ash wood. The bare frame comprises rounded bentwood that serves as the support for the backrest. A separate padded seat ensures seating comfort and the curved legs look pleasing! The chair frame has been chiselled to perfection and it exudes a sophistication that awes! A slight gap between the backrest and the seat adds to the overall appeal of the chair. This elegant chair is available in a choice of fabric, vinyl and leather upholstery. The Lord 22 chair fulfils seating needs in hospitality spaces with style!

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