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Light years ahead: Lightyears

The year 2016 began with a bang at Fabiia with the 10th year anniversary celebrations of our company and addition of the prestigious Scandinavian lighting brand Lightyears to our portfolio.

Founded in 2005 in Denmark, Lightyears seeks to renew Danish lighting traditions through the fusion of the young with the established. Lightyears designs are conceived to be functional and enhance modern spaces with quality illumination. Whether it is for restaurants or cafés, residential or offices, we believe that Lightyears range add a unique aesthetic appeal.

Caravaggio Grey Lightyears

Caravaggio Glossy Black Lightyears

The most popular among Lightyears brand, Caravaggio is a series of pendants, created from drawn steel and coated with smooth, eye-catching high-gloss lacquer. The suspension technology is masculine in construction, creating the right counterbalance to the shade’s feminine lines. Caravaggio is characterized by direct light without glare with the up light from the pendant’s top adding to the room’s ambient light. Caravaggio is suitable for interior design in cafés, restaurants, retail shops and private homes and was designed by Cecilie Manz in 2005.

Calabash Lightyears

When designing the Calabash pendants, the Komplot designers were inspired by the simple and harmonious form of the Calabash pumpkin. Calabash is authentic craftsmanship from the core to the surface. The organic design idiom and the specially chromed and slightly changeable surface provides Calabash with a unique expression. The shade is made of drawn aluminium and finished with a chromed layer that reflects the surroundings and unites the space. Calabash, which is fitted with a reflector to increase the down light, emits a warm, dazzle-free illumination. The pendant generates a warm atmosphere and looks excellent in small groups.

Calabash Gold Lightyears

Orient Lightyears

The Orient pendant is a flawless light design with good luminous efficacy and made from the finest quality materials. The pendant light was created by Jo Hammerborg in 1963 and re-launched by Lightyears in 2013 in close cooperation with the Hammerborg family. The organic mode of expression beautifully connects the deep, vibrant copper glow and the rosewood top. The fitting elegantly conceals the low energy light source and ensures a soft, pleasant light without any glare.

Orient Black Lightyears

Lightyears is now launching a revamped version of the famous pendant, Orient Black. A matt black, aluminium pendant inspired by the original black design but with a modern twist. The matt surface makes the timeless design appear simpler and purer. The shade appears more discreet, while giving the rosewood’s dark grain a more prominent role.

Avion Lightyears

In the year 2015, Lightyears launched the Avion. The pendant light is made of polyethylene and emits a soft, diffuse light that creates a cozy, natural atmosphere in the room. The Avion pendant can be suspended from high up in the room and is ideal for the illumination of canteens, atriums and large rooms. Avion can be arranged in regular formation, as a dynamic pack or in one line to mark a passage through a building.

Lightyears challenges the ways of thinking about, developing and perceiving light. From the modern look of the Avion range to the rich legacy of the Orient series, Lightyears has something to showcase for everyone. With the commitment of being light-years ahead, we are sure that Lightyears will bring to your projects a distinct feel and a unique appeal.

We are showcasing samples of the Lightyears collection in our office gallery. To view the complete range or for getting more information, please drop by our office or do give us a call!

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