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The Bold and Beautiful Chair!

leo dining chair the bold and beautiful chair

The Leo Dining Chair is a statement piece. Bold yet classically beautiful, the Leo makes heads turn with its presence. An outdoor dining chair for all seasons, the Leo reminds one of elegant tapestries. Dressing up contemporary surroundings, the chair has a warm encompassing frame. Composed of powder-coated aluminium it is weather resistant and long-lasting. An encircling backrest extends to serve as armrests with a gentle slope. The back assumes an artistic look with thick acrylic ropes that are playfully woven around it. The lava grey finish gives it a sophisticated touch. Comfy foam cushions in weather-friendly fabric enhance Leo’s comfort factor manifold. Used as a dining or an additional seating option, the Leo adds a decorative presence to hospitality and contract environments.

leo dining chair the bold and beautiful chair
leo dining chair
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