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Kirigram Creations!

One of the foolproof ways is to accessorize our interiors with little touches of novelty. Wondering how? Welcome to the new Kirigram collection from Fabiia which is sure to leave you spell bound! The Kirigram range is a unique and highly stylized range of home furniture and accessories. Inspired by the Japanese paper folding art of ‘kirigami’, this brand’s essential appeal lies in its fresh approach to design. Metal is yet again going to be in trend for the current year. It is even better to see this trend get translated to home accessories as well! Kirigram is a set apart from the standard furniture designs by the fact that all its pieces are crafted out of single metal pieces. ‘Creating 3D shape from a flat plane’ is Kirigram’s mantra and the inspiration behind all its designs.

Kirigram Island Coffee

Take a look at the collection of tables for instance. Pure works of art by themselves, a Kirigram table will make your room come alive by just being there! Bring home an Island Coffee table and watch heads turn! A low steel table crafted out of a single steel sheet, it comes in handy even when there is a space constraint.

Kirigram Splice Table

The Kirigram Splice table also at Fabiia, is a wonderful addition to any room, given its fluid graceful form. This high table adds a wonderful dimension to the décor.

Kirigram Mirror Frame

When it comes to adding depth to any space, mirrors are the best bet. And when these mirrors are beauties by themselves, who can resist them?! Take a look at Kirigram mirror frames at Fabiia and you’ll fall in love all over again! Look in to the small and oval Web mirrors. Chances are, you will keep staring at these beautiful frames and forget to see yourself in the mirror!

Kirigram Coronet Mirror

Sleek panels of the frame reflect on the glass creating wonderful multi-images. The Coronet mirror is a stylish sculpture in powder finish steel. The frame of the mirror blends into the glass giving a double depth effect. Now, when you ask, ‘mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ undoubtedly, the mirror itself will emerge winner in this case!

Kirigram Consoles

Mirrors are incomplete without consoles and are indeed utility objects. Kirigram consoles are edgy laser-cut sculpted structures. Cornice console from Kirigram is a delicate wall mounted structure that blends beautifully with the surrounding. Arris console is made of a folded steel piece with a functional groove to keep things safe.

So, just bring home a Kirigram creation to give your home an elegant makeover!

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