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The Pendant that Plays with Shapes

junit record pendant lamp is a contemporary pendant led lamp wth wood holder suitable for hospitality, residential and contract settings

The Junit Record Pendant is a blend of colours and shapes fuelled by wonderful creativity. A pendant with edgy style elements, the Junit adds a unique profile to contemporary interiors. An eclectic combination of eight design details in the form of varying shapes, colours and materials, the Junit offers a melange of arresting compositions. This modular pendant consists of geometric shapes like pyramids, cylinders circles, discs in natural ash wood. An LED bulb in milky white provides the perfect foil to the playful ensemble with a soft diffusion of light. With suspension cords in complementing colours, the Junit can be used as a single unit or in clusters to stunning effect.

The fun ‘make your own Junit pendant’ project can enliven hospitality, residential and contract spaces with flair.

Junit record pendant lamp b2
Junit record pendant lamp

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