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The Handsome Sofa!

harry sofa is a contemporary upholstered sofa

The polished sophistication of the Harry Sofa greatly uplifts interiors. A contemporary sofa with fine mid-century modern accents, the Harry sets the tone of the existing decor of interiors. A spacious, well laid out sofa, the Harry attracts with its distinctive demeanour. Featuring a chunky profile with thickly padded seats, backrest, seats and armrest, this sofa is fully upholstered in plush fabric. Impeccable craftsmanship is visible from the hand-stitched details running across the sofa. Metal glides in polished steel or black lacquer add a striking element to the sofa. Coming as a three-seater, a two-seater or a corner sofa, the array of fabric finishes fulfils customised needs wonderfully.

The Harry can be a handsome acquisition indeed for hospitality, residential and contract areas.

Harry sofa is a contemporary upholstered sofa
Harry sofa

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