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An armchair is meant to provide the ultimate relaxation.  Going beyond its primary role as a seating option, the modern armchair is also an association of sorts. When immersed in neck-deep work and racing to meet those ominous deadlines, the one thought that flashes across our minds are to curl up in our favourite armchair and do nothing!  An armchair is thus much more than an impersonal seating solution. So, in a sense, it’s that intimate friend who’s there for company in times good or bad. All the more reason why an armchair should be chosen with care and detailed consideration!  Enter the Harmony Armchair from the house of Domkapa

A regular armchair it is not! With ever-evolving home trends, furniture design is in a constant state of flux. The Harmony armchair, however, manages to buck the trend. With its classic structure and lucid form, this armchair can never go out of style. That makes it kind of ironic, right?!  Statement piece is indeed given the design ethos of its makers who seek to amalgamate the best in design and comfort through their designs. The round structure of the Harmony armchair is an epitome of perfect craftsmanship, one that effortlessly blends luxury with comfort. Another winning point in favour of the Harmony is its ability to stand out without being a sore thumb.

So you can place it in the company of your living room furniture and it will seamlessly adapt to the existing design layout.  Need a space to curl up near the window with your favourite book? Hey presto, the Harmony armchair is here!  The wide curved back and the classy leather upholstery lend it a sophistication scarce found elsewhere.  This armchair will take relaxation to a new level. You can thank us later!


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