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Happy Interiors: The Scandinavian Design Ethos

happy interiors the scandinavian design ethos

Royalty has fascinated generations of humans for ages. The opulence rich indulgence that generally defines a royal lifestyle has been looked upon with admiration and awe. Yet this feeling was perhaps not without that tinge of regret because of the sense of the unattainable attached to it. The social revolutions of the nineteenth century had their roots in this sense of not belonging. Social thinkers affected a change in the general mindset that propounded justice, equality and inclusiveness for all. This feeling permeated all spheres and brought about a radical change all around.

Political movements had their impact on the even field of arts and Scandinavian designs have evolved from this very ethos of inclusive living. This design movement started in the fifties and sought to break free of the ornate stuffiness of the prevalent styles. More than that, it was a step towards the axiom that the good life is for all.

happy interiors the scandinavian design ethos

Scandinavian design was conceptualized and emerged as an avant-garde trend in the countries of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. An emotive element underlined these creations. Primarily stressing minimalist lines and functionality, it sought to evoke a sense of happiness. The clean lines and simple structures and above all, immense usefulness was akin to a breath of fresh air amidst all the ornate detailing that dominated the design scenario.

happy interiors the scandinavian design ethos

Another path-breaking innovation was the use of easily available and affordable materials in the construction of these designs. The underlying ethos was affordability and being accessible to all. This democratic outlook continues to the day and this is evident from the materials that are used in the products. Form pressed wood, plastic, aluminium, pressed steel and the like are a refreshing break away from expensive and rare wood that was used in manufacturing furniture.

happy interiors the scandinavian design ethos

Take, for instance, the Toj Clothes Racks from Fabiia. A beholder’s delight and owner’s pride aptly describe these marvellously contemporary creations. Ashwood and pressed steel are combined together to create a masterpiece, impeccable in craftsmanship and design. The icing on the cake is its versatile usefulness.

Capable of holding clothes, bags and shoes all at once, the sheer simplicity in its structure never ceases to amaze! It can dress up any corner of the room without being obtrusive.

happy interiors the scandinavian design ethos

A look at the Tablo tables from Fabiia’s repertoire will further emphasise the fluidity of Scandinavian designs. A seemingly ordinary side table is transformed into an art piece in terms of looks and style.

Suffice to say that modern marvels in the form of Scandinavian designs are here to stay and will continue being pioneers in the realms of contemporary designing. Now, have you brought home that Toj Clothes rack yet?!

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