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Hanging Egg Rattan Chair by Sika Design

Hanging Egg Chair Sika Design

Shapes influence and inspire us. There are innumerable aspects in life which also shape us. We live and evolve in a world dominated and governed by shapes. Isn’t it in a cocoon where one of the most beautiful transformations of creation takes place? A caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

A sculptured piece of furniture that resembles a cocoon surely must have the same transformative power? Nestled in the warmest shape of nature, one can experience the effect gentle relaxation while on the hanging egg chair. Crafted with elements found in nature, such as  alu rattan, the hanging chair is a versatile furniture item that can be used both as an indoor comfort chair or as an outdoor garden swing.

An any time, anywhere chair, the hanging egg rattan chair is one that takes less space but offers a great shape of comfort and ease.

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