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George Teak Table with Wengler Rattan chairs by Sika Design

George Teak Table with Wengler Rattan chairs

There is history behind this George Teak table with Wengler rattan chairs. The teak wood used to craft the table is reclaimed teak from old fishing boats and houses. Wood work restored by honoring the authenticity and timelessness of Sika Design’s legacy. The George Teak table is a practical and sensible choice to create a quiet charm to the dining area. Adding to the beauty, are the Wengler rattan chairs. A trusted brand for wicker furniture, Sika Design proudly follows tradition when it comes to handcrafted furniture pieces.

The light and airy feel to these furniture pieces is ideal when you want to have a sense of spaciousness to the room. This is also when you want to exude a year-round spring feel to your interiors.

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