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An Enveloping Armchair

forest dining armchair an enveloping armchair

The Forest Dining Armchair evokes nature in all its glory. This outdoor dining armchair is inspired by the silhouettes found in nature and is perfect for contemporary environments. Composed of die-cast aluminium, the Forest enchants with its design and structure. Replicating the branched-out patterns found in the forest, the chair’s frame makes a delightful play of light and shade. The high backrest is flanked by gently gliding curved armrests. The seat shell is expansive and makes for comfortable seating. The slender legs are slightly angled outwards and offer a perfect foil to the generous seat.

forest dining armchair an enveloping armchair
forest dining armchair

The Forest armchair comes in a range of attractive palettes and the aluminium body is made to withstand different climate conditions. The Forest is well suited to contract and hospitality outfits.

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