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Fabiia’s contract furniture range to jazz up restaurants

When you walk into hotels and restaurants, the first thing takes catches your attention is the decor and furniture in display. And even you if are looking to renovate interiors contract furniture sure enhances the appeal! The first and foremost aspect of Hotels and restaurants under construction is the furniture to be procured. Contract furniture is the way forward, and in many ways, the clincher, for successful hotels and restaurants. One may wonder why furniture is a deciding factor for hospitality business when the menu on offer should determine things! True, but to an extent. The first impression and often an abiding one, on visiting hotels and restaurants is of the surroundings, the ambience and decor. A warm receptive atmosphere coupled with tasteful furniture allures customers on many levels.

Fabiia’s Contract furniture Range

When you are involved or associated with construction of hospitality spaces it makes good sense to bear in mind that you constantly need to reinvent and renovate interiors to be in profitable reckoning. Adopting contract furniture is always a winning idea because it shows your commitment to serve customers in your own unique way. How so, you may ask. Well, choosing contract furniture ensures that customers interact with the space too as opposed to assembly line furniture that’s decidedly impersonal. People engaged in construction in the hospitality sector will tell you how often a personalised service guarantees increased footfall.

Fabiia’s Contract furniture Range

If you are looking to renovate your existing hotels or restaurants, you need to steer clear of staid, routine furniture. While it might save you some quick bucks, it‘ll also veer customers away from boring surroundings. Visits to hotels and restaurants are much more than clinical activities. A meal with friends and family are personal experiences which are meant to be enjoyed. To make sure that these visits become cherished ones as well, personalise your spaces with curated contract furniture.

Fabiia’s Contract furniture Range

To renovate existing spaces, choose contract furniture over readymade store bought ones. You’ll drop us a thank you note when you browse through Fabiia’s eclectic range of contract furniture! Why, you may ask. Well, simply because you cannot resist picking up furniture items of your choice once here!


A dynamic environment in a hospitality concern heightens the culinary experiences of the guests. This can be brought about by choosing the right kind of furniture. Keep in mind the comfort and ease of customers when setting out to renovate restaurants. The material used and finish of furniture items should be in sync with the character of the space. A modern trendy bistro featuring Victorian era stuff would not gel with customers surely! Conversely, places hosting professional clientele on a regular basis would not prefer showcasing funky pieces. Experts well versed with designing quality contract furniture can guide and curate furniture exactly to your specifications and choice.

Fabiia’s Contract furniture Range

For value addition it makes good business sense to keep this in mind during construction of hotels and restaurants and even when you seek to renovate and re-do these spaces.

Fabiia’s Contract furniture Range for projects

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