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Enthralled by the Kirigram Coffee Table collection? Watch this space for more!

Fabiia brings to you statement coffee tables that stand out for its creativity and uniqueness, the range of Infinity Curl Coffee Tables from the house of Kirigram is exactly the covetable centerpiece that you should keep your eyes out for. Slated to be launched by January 2013, each of these tables have a special tale to tell.

Inspired by the Japanese paper art that comprise of cutting and folding a single piece of paper into a three dimensional art form, the Infinity Curl Coffee Tables too are molded and designed using a single sheet of metal that is laser cut and then structured into a striking table. The collection of metal coffee tables befits the theme perfectly by incorporating innovative 21st century take on contemporary craftsmanship portrayed by the German Architect and designer Constanze Schweda.

infinitycurl 3tables

With a gentle curve, these tables have a floating quality and make for interesting state-of-the-art décor pieces in your living room. These metal coffee tables stand firm on the metal legs that unfold and eases out from the structure itself, and there are an array of designs to choose from. Whether you are looking for a smaller metal coffee table that has a paper thin top or an inverted conical structure with an expansive top, you are bound to find a piece matching your requirements with the range of Kirigram Coffee Table at Fabiia.

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The Kirigram tables are best teamed up with low-level seating arrangements as these tables in itself do not reach beyond a certain height. You can also put one of these as patio furniture in tune with the color combination, and it is advised to keep the table away from direct light to help bring out the color and design better.

So, move over traditional glass coffee tables and make way for arresting Kirigram metal coffee tables that will up the ante of your living room decoration in a heartbeat!

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