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The Gentle Ele- Chair!

Elephant chair | The Gentle Ele- Chair! |

With an understanding of the contemporary design scene that’s almost elephantine in proportion, the graceful Elephant Four Legs Chair was envisioned. A design innovation that garnered critical acclaim, the Elephant chair by Kristalia is unparalleled in versatility. This accent chair, sporting a polyurethane body, displays remarkable workmanship. The hallmark of this chair is the structured similarity to the gentle giant, the elephant. The fine tailored upholstery is marked by reinforced ribbing, characteristic of an elephant’s back.  Gracefully standing on four slender legs, the curved seat lovingly provides perfect body support.

An accent chair of unmatched quality, The Elephant Four Legs Chair can be used for diverse spaces, both interiors and outdoors. Definitely an all-purpose chair!

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