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Lean Back!

diplopia armchair lean back fabiiacom

What looks like a conventional chair is anything but! The Diplopia Armchair by Miniforms is a delightful contemporary creation whose versatility makes it a welcome member in diverse interiors. A metal frame plumped up with cushions is its somewhat simple structure but there’s a fun twist. Referencing the word ‘Diplo’ or double, a soft and springy polyurethane foam seat, folded up in two layers, forms the backrest and seating of this chair. A single swathe of the fabric is used to cover the armrests on both sides. This minimalist chair is available in a wide array of colours, both for the upholstery and the metal frame. The grounded solidity of the structure does not take away its rounded elegance. Diplopia can be placed in any environment with aplomb. You’ll love the comfort it offers!

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