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Decorating Tip: Creating an Illusion of More Space

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We always associate bigger to always be better, and when it comes to our living spaces, it is no different. However, having a massive abode isn’t possible for most people; but with a bit of planning, organizing, and these décor tips, you can make the most of your limited space and give it an illusion of being larger and more spacious.

1. Paint it right

Pick a light colour when painting the walls of your room. Dark shades are pretty, but can make a room appear much smaller than it actually is. As for the ceilings, dark colours do the trick and add some depth to your space!

Decorating Tip

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2. Go neutral

When it comes to adjacent areas to the living room such as the hallway or entryway, go for a neutral tone throughout. This ties all the rooms together and gives them an expansive look visually.

3. Give your clutter a make-over!

Organize everything in a stylish manner through a particular theme or a colour code. For example, shoes could be stored in colourful boxes on your lower shelves, allowing both order and style into the room.

Decorating Tip

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4. Opt for multipurpose furniture with storage options

The more, the merrier theme does not necessarily apply when it comes to furniture; sometimes less is always more. Pick furniture pieces which can serve double duty. A miniature bookshelf can also serve as a nightstand, and a bed which comes with built in drawers allow for that extra storage. Ottomans could be used as in the sitting area and can double as a coffee table as well.

Decorating Tip

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5. Do not fill up all your shelves

Leaving some shelves in the room half empty gives a more airy and spacious feel, and is a trick which can be used in any rooms with shelves!

6. Let the light in!

Pick thin and delicate long drapes which allow maximum light into your space, and works wonders especially for a small space, as opposed to having more translucent shades or window blinds or other such interior decorating elements.

Decorating Tip

(Image courtesy: Small design ideas)

7. Use raised furniture

Go for sofas and armchairs that have raised legs, as they give an illusion of more space to the room.

8. Use mirrors

Pick an over-sized mirror, or go for smaller mirrors to hang on your walls. A mix of various shapes and sizes add a decorative element to the room. The reflections make the room look bigger than it actually is. However, care must be taken to avoid too many mirrors as it can be overpowering.

Decorating Tip

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