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A Cascade of Light

Da Vinci Table Lamp | A Cascade of Light |

The Da Vinci Table Lamp is as much an object of art as a lighting solution. This exquisite table lamp is made for discerning contemporary spaces.  With a sculpted look, the Da Vinci adds a sublime touch to interiors. The eye-catching Da Vinci lamp stands on a slender metal stem over a base. Made out of four individual metal shields, the lamp shade presents a cascading silhouette with the arched discs placed in descending order in terms of size. The LED light source placed within glows softly through the discs. The metal discs direct the radiating light downwards and create a lovely halo.

The Da Vinci comes in white and black painted finishes and looks alluring when placed over the mantelpiece or sideboard. The table lamp works wonders in hospitality, contract and residential environments.

Da Vinci Table Lamp | A Cascade of Light |
Da Vinci table lamp

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