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Elegant in Comfort

Cosy Armchair | Elegant in Comfort |

The thing about armchairs is they become extensions of our personas. The Cosy Armchair is one that you’ll surely want to identify with! A product of the brand Laskasas, the Cosy is a magnificent piece of decadent comfort, one that represents the best in luxe furniture. The ash body frame of the armchair has been done up in lush upholstery and the regal back provides perfect body support. And you’ll love the metal accents on the tip of its slender legs!  The Cosy armchair, with its presence, lends a personality to the decor it adorns. As much as it’s an apt fit for the living room, the Cosy can easily brighten that corner in your study or even the bedroom.

All in all, the Cosy armchair is a wonderful piece of modern furniture that brings in a touch of old-world charm. Time to relax!

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