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The Glowing Frame

conniston suspension lamp the glowing frame fabiiacom

Beautiful lighting is an inspiration by itself. This certainly holds true for the Conniston Suspension lamp! A beautiful piece of decorative lighting by the U.K. brand Heathfield, this suspension light lends an aura of opulence to the surroundings. The Conniston features a network of metal frames that elegantly enclose lampshades, in turn, made of radiant fabrics. A delightful play on shapes indeed! In testimony to the artistic excellence of the makers, the clean lines of the metal frames stand in evocative contrast to the handmade lampshades. The Conniston is available in two polished finishes, antique brass and polished nickel.

This suspension light can add a wonderful touch of tradition to contemporary interiors, both in residential and hospitality environs. Choose your preference!

conniston suspension lamp the glowing frame fabiiacom
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