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Coltrane Pendant Lamp by DelightFULL

Coltrane Pendant Lamp

Being one of DelightFULL’s top best sellers, the Coltrane pendant lamp is a symphonic design between the sound and sight. Inspired by the pure form of bamboo sound, the image of windchimes and the concept of light, this lamp is minimalist yet highly laboured.

Made from steel, this handmade lamp is adjustable by a steel cord and a majestic disc on top.  Built with a stainless-steel canopy and gold-plated finish, the Coltrane Pendant lamp is made to fit any setting or surroundings, adding an oomph factor to the space. The lacquered matte gold on the outside and the gold powder paint on the inside gives an illusionary effect of bamboo poles on suspension.

A remarkable display of craftsmanship and artisan calibre, the Coltrane hand made steel lamp is not only a work of art but also a labour of love. Love for nature and all that is natural.

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