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Cocò Pendant Light by Modo Luce

Cocò Pendant Light

Life consists of a composite world made up of infinite views and perspectives. The aspect of light is similarly made up of an infinite number of unique shapes and shades. The Cocò Pendant Light by Modo Luce (Italy) is about a single shade with differing optical shapes. One angle of perception is unlike any other angle of perception. The optical effect of the undulating shape is not only stunning but fascinating too.

The Opal Plexiglass diffuser which is encased by a canopy of pleated hand wrapped crinkled plissé is the charm and beauty of the design. A twirl of intrigue and a twist of the mystic. Modo Luce of Italy specializes in creating Neobarouque styles that can aesthetically fit into contemporary spaces as well as mid-century interiors. This is available in twenty -six different colors and nuances ranging from Moka to military green, from flaming red to China blue color. This suspension stunner comes with an adjustable length which makes it convenient for high to low lighting concepts in homes or hotels.

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