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Classy Comfort and Luxury

Mortitz classy comfort armchair by TON in a residential setting

Created by TON, the Moritz Armchair is a premium product that can uplift modern interiors with its understated presence. This classy comfort chair strikes a fine balance between comfort and functional versatility while keeping its aesthetics intact. The Moritz is reminiscent of mid-century modern style, set apart by its uncluttered subtlety. TON is known for their excellent craftsmanship in bentwood techniques. This dining chair is available in oak and beech wood finishes. Handcrafted to give it a seamless shape, the half backed chair is ably supported by comfortable armrests of the same level. Upholstered in leather with precise sewing skills, the chair features pocket springs for perfect ergonomics. With a wide range of fabric palettes, this chair can effortlessly grace hospitality and residential projects.

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