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The Moon Aglow!

circ table lamp the moon aglow fabiiacom

The moon epitomises the feeling of romance. A sphere of soft glowing light in the form of Circ comes nearest to capturing that fuzzy feeling! This decorative table lamp by Estiluz is an artistically designed creation for contemporary spaces. The Circ table lamp, as evinced from the name, references the shape of a circle and creates a halo of enveloping light. Perched on wrought iron support, this decorative lighting piece lends an enchanting element to the surroundings. The lamp can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The indoor version comes with a glass dome whereas the outdoor table lamp is composed of resistant polyethylene. The lampshade and wrought iron base create a delightful play of contrasting elements. Be it indoors or outdoors, the Circ casts magic all around!

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