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Glow from Above

Charlie Pendant Lamp | Glow from Above |

Quite like a floating moon, the Charlie Pendant Lamp is mesmerising. Artistically combining materials and forms, the Charlie envelopes the ambience with its iridescence. The pendant allures with a magnetic appeal while glowing softly with the reassurance of a friend! Structurally simple, the Charlie consists of a metal ring underneath which a fabric cylinder is attached. The bottom of the pendant is fitted with an opal diffuser to aid the soft dispersion of light. The diaphanous fabric, available in a range of pastel palettes, helps in an even and muted diffusion of light, taking away the harsh glare.

Suspended from the ceiling, Charlie bathes contemporary living spaces with a magical glow. This pendant can definitely draw admiration to hospitality, residential and contract outfits.

Charlie Pendant Lamp | Glow from Above |
Charlie Pendant Lamp

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