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Cane Weave Charm


This cane woven Titus lounge chair has a ‘down-to-earth’ visual appeal. The low straight-backed shape evokes a sense of openness and groundedness. This piece of furniture clearly exudes an unpretentious presence. Whether placed in a home space, in a hotel restaurant area or a coffee shop, this cane weave charming lounge chair effortlessly beckons someone to sit awhile. Made from high quality rattan, the weave casts an unmistakable charming pattern shade across the room.  The fine oak frame and finish is available in black and natural colors.  There is a free flow of light and air which adds to the comfort and ease of these chairs.

Titus lounge chair is definitely the kind of chair to indulge in tete-a-tete and occasional friendly banter with an informal group of people.

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