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Fluffy Comfort

boterina armchair fluffy comfort fabiiacom

The Boterina Armchair is a haven of comfort. A plush armchair that enthrals, the Boterina is an alluring piece of furniture for contemporary living spaces. Smart and compact, the armchair invites one to sink into its comfortable depths. The Boterina features a billowy frame with a chunky seat and a gently curved backrest. The thick padded armchair, incorporating four types of padded foam, is upholstered in a wide range of fabrics including velvet, textured bubble fabric and faux suede. The fluffy seat with rounded edges is structurally firm that takes care of ergonomics.

boterina armchair fluffy comfort fabiiacom
Boterina armchair

Adaptable to less spacious spaces and displaying impeccable stitching, the armchair lends a feel of cosy comfort to the surroundings. The Boterina armchair is a fine asset for residential, hospitality and contract settings.

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