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Blissful Comfort

botera sofa blissful comfort fabiiacom

Picture the soft springy beds that kids love to plonk into?! Well, the Botera Sofa is fondly reminiscent of that warm cuddly feeling, only with a style upgrade! This modern creation by Miniforms is innovatively conceived for contemporary and contract spaces. Modern interiors often undergo styling changes. The Botera is a perfect piece that fits into fluid spaces that are organic and hybrid. The sofa features a backrest that’s slightly curved inwards and an extended seat with four layers of padded foam. This means squishy comfort minus the problem of sagging! The entire sofa is covered in textured fabric of various finishes that allow for customisation. The Botera is meant to generate warm conversations and all-around bonhomie! Perfect for residential settings and hospitality areas as well!

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