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The Guiding Light

boop ceiling lamp the guiding light fabiiacom

Ceiling lights are a practical way of illumining interior spaces. With the Boop Ceiling Lamp, you get the perfect balance of practicality and design dynamics. The ceiling lamp, created by the Spanish company Carpyen, is a wonderful instance of the brand’s constant endeavour to innovate and excel. As a light application, a ceiling lamp is often an interior design staple. The Boop ceiling lamp is a smart expression of functionality and style for contemporary settings. The opal white glass screen helps in the even diffusion of light and in giving a direct luminous effect. An innovative and functional solution for ambient lighting, the Boop is available in a choice of contrasting shades for the outside and inside the frame. The perfect fixture for lighting up living rooms, dining areas and halls!

boop ceiling lamp the guiding light fabiiacom
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