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While drafting our new website we felt that the term ‘blog’ was way too overused and wanted to come up with something along similar lines, but do it up in an entirely novel manner. Thus, we sprang upon the idea of doing an inspiration page! Each inspiration articles featured are actual, well researched articles. What kinds of articles you ask? Well, before we got started there was one thing we were sure of – everyone, from the designer, to the teacher, to the chef, will at some point, be stuck for a bit of inspiration!

If you’ve got a bit of designer’s block, or even if you don’t know the first thing about design, our articles are tailor-made for you! We have tried our hardest to be all-inclusive with our content – from the smallest details to the most glaringly obvious; there is a decent blend of both. A few are design tips, others talk about facts and design history, some might be interviews, while others could help you ‘Get the look!’ Whatever they may read like, each and every one of them is set to inspire!

Design Marvels from Swedese

lamino chair 1

‘Let’s get going and see what happens’. A seemingly innocuous and mild statement made by a certain Swedish gentleman over six decades ago was the germination of a revolution in modern furniture design. In the year 1945, two brothers Yngve and Jerker Ekström and Sven Bertil Sjöqvist laid the foundation of Swedese, their dream venture […]

How to Create a Dreamy Bedroom

Dreamy bedroom

Your bedroom is the sanctuary where you reside at the end of the day. Everybody deserves to have a cosy and a dreamy bedroom that has a relaxing and serene feel to it. Your bedroom should have that inviting and welcoming look that should immediately relax you and put your mind at rest. Here, are […]

Fabiia Trend Report Maison Objet, Paris – 2015

fabiia maison banner1

Much like the catwalk shows of the fashion world, it’s that time of year when every single fraternity from the interior design industry gather at one of the biggest design spectacular – Maison Objet, Paris. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this January, this interior trend-setting show spread over 8 supersized halls, is a celebration of design […]

And the Colour of the year 2015 is…

marsala banner

A reddish-brown warm colour, inspired from the ground, wine, movie theatres and romance. ‘Marsala’, is the official colour of 2015. A stunning elegant shade that suits all aspects of life. You could sense a glimpse of the 60s and 70s in it, yet it feels very familiar. “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding […]

Open Kitchen – Joy of Cooking!

Open kitchen

Space is one of the most, if not the most, sought after commodity, if one can use the term thus, in today’s world. In fact, seeking personal space or creating a space for oneself are phrases we often grapple with, in our day to day existence! But metaphorical analogies apart, real time space constraint is […]

Happy Interiors: The Scandinavian Design Ethos

curved norma armchair

Royalty has fascinated generations of humans for ages. The opulence rich indulgence that generally defines a royal lifestyle has been looked upon with admiration and awe. Yet this feeling was perhaps not without that tinge of regret because of the sense of the unattainable attached to it. The social revolutions of the nineteenth century had their roots […]

Book Storage Wonders

lean man side table1

Books are among man’s best friends, along with dogs that are! The fact of the matter is, technology and the electronic revolution have infringed upon our reading space with great force. Time constraints and also the relative ease with which we can access information have greatly affected our reading habits. But nothing comes near the […]

Style Edit: Normann Copenhagen

Norman copenhagen img1

Our house is a cherished place and we make it home after our hearts by adding little personal touches to the interiors. At times we even crave the look from glossy magazines for our homes. If only wishes were horses! More often than not, space constraints and extravagant pricing make us halt in our tracks. […]