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While drafting our new website we felt that the term ‘blog’ was way too overused and wanted to come up with something along similar lines, but do it up in an entirely novel manner. Thus, we sprang upon the idea of doing an inspiration page! Each inspiration articles featured are actual, well researched articles. What kinds of articles you ask? Well, before we got started there was one thing we were sure of – everyone, from the designer, to the teacher, to the chef, will at some point, be stuck for a bit of inspiration!

If you’ve got a bit of designer’s block, or even if you don’t know the first thing about design, our articles are tailor-made for you! We have tried our hardest to be all-inclusive with our content – from the smallest details to the most glaringly obvious; there is a decent blend of both. A few are design tips, others talk about facts and design history, some might be interviews, while others could help you ‘Get the look!’ Whatever they may read like, each and every one of them is set to inspire!

Enchanting Light!


The Ralph Suspension Lamp is what completes an enchanting outdoor setting! This captivating outdoor lamp by Panzeri naturally aligns with the outdoor elements to create a relaxing atmosphere. A stylish and practical lighting solution for contemporary outdoor spaces, the Ralph also brings a rustic charm. With a handwoven synthetic rattan frame, the Ralph is delightful […]

Fairy Glow


Creating an atmosphere that’s both evocative and charming, the Campanone Outdoor Pendant Lamp is a celebration of many moods. An outdoor lamp par excellence by Modo Luce, this fixture is an infusion of high-quality materials that combine to form an ethereal luminaire. The Campanone features a dome-shaped frame made of polyethylene that houses an opal […]

Charming Appeal!


The Kiki Pendant Lamp by Miniforms is a fond recall to the past. The classic bell-shaped lamp has an evergreen appeal while bringing an old-world feel with it. The Kiki references the bell shape and reinterprets it with a modern aesthetic. It’s unassuming yet it draws one with its delicate presence. With a body made […]

Wings Aglow


As evinced by the name, the Butterfly Wall Lamp is an explosion of emotions, vibrant and graceful at once. This Modo Luce designed contemporary LED lamp, in a delightful departure from the norm, archetypes the wings of the butterfly to become a luminous creation. The Butterfly is a composition of two thin semicircular metal plates […]

Joy of Relaxing!


The Vianna Dining Chair is a piece of sculpted elegance that’s bound to elevate your fine dining experience. Created by Domkapa, this contemporary dining chair is meant for stylish interiors across diverse spaces. Primarily composed of beech wood, the chair frame has been fully upholstered in plush fabric in an array of colours and finishes. […]

A Stylish Bed


The Shiko Magnum Bed celebrates the harmonious blend of softness and strength to create a wonderfully evocative piece. Created by Miniforms, the Shiko Magnum combines imagination with a minimalist design outlook and enhances contemporary bedroom spaces with its presence. This modern bed is made of wood, a low set frame with clean linear lines. This […]

Cute n Smart!


The term two in one gets a new meaning with the Pezzo Stool by Minforms. This smart product encapsulates understated sophistication and functionality with absolute flair. Essentially a sitting stool, the Pezzo is equally functional as a small coffee or a side table. How’s that for versatility?! The Pezzo stool celebrates elemental forms of geometry […]

A Dream in Glass!


Is that a centerpiece or a piece de resistance?! Well, the Soda Coffee Table is both and more! This Miniforms creation is essentially a coffee table that transcends its functional utility to become a symbol of artistic excellence. This ethereally beautiful table achieves perfect proportions through the techniques of blown glass in the furnaces of […]

A Class Apart!


The Wiener Series from Very Wood, featuring the Wiener Dining Chair 11 and Armchair 12 are sophisticated seating arrangements meant for contemporary settings. The Wiener enhances the existing decor of modern spaces with an understated elegance that’s at once minimalist and exuberant. The dining chair presents a simple silhouette with a slightly curved backrest and […]