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The Charming Bell Lamp

bell pendant lamp the charming bell lamp fabiiacom

The simplicity of the Bell Pendant Lamp is its winning attribute. Alluring with its simple elegant form, the Bell pendant is a charming addition to contemporary living spaces. The pendant steers clear of frivolity and sticks to an enduring design format. Shaped like a rounded bell, the pendant is cast in aluminium with a matte finish. Providing soft directional light that illumines the space underneath, the Bell evokes a sense of calmness thanks to its seamless finish. A useful lighting solution for all practical purposes, the pendant is suspended by a rubber cord attached to the neat curved detail on the top.

Available in four earthy shades, the Bell is a great candidate for direct downward lighting. This pendant is a useful acquisition for hospitality, residential and contract outfits.

bell pendant lamp the charming bell lamp fabiiacom
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